Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I am trying to reach lots of people from all over the world, with this questionnaire. I would be very grateful if you wouldn't mind answering it and sending it to me at the address below :-) If you also have friends who might be kind enough to take part in the small survey, feel free to point them in this direction!

Pilot Questionnaire

Please copy this page and paste it into an email. Type your answers underneath the question. Email completed questionnaires to Thank you!

The information gathered in this questionnaire will not be shared or sold to any third parties. It will be treated anonymously and will be destroyed once the results are collated.

Which names sound the most 'English' to you? (please rate those which you feel sound 'English' from 1 upwards, with 1 being 'the most English sounding')

Tavistock Cowan Case Portcullis

Martin Faversham Thomas Kent

Shires Canter Nightingale Salisbury

(please feel free to make suggestions of names which sound 'English' to you which do not appear in this list)

2. Do you collect antiquities/interesting things/collectables/memorabilia? If 'Yes' please describe below

3. What, if anything, interests you about other cultures?

4. How do you spend your leisure time?

5. Given limited finances, would you rather:-

a) Save your money b) Have small, regular treats c) Have one large treat occasionally

6. What attractions do you visit in your leisure time?

7. Please name three activities or objects (or combination of) which you consider to be quintessentially British

8. If you are happy to say, which country (or part of the world) do you live in?

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