Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Advert Break

These questions were held here for a TwitQuiz - see the answers and scores here!

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I am trying to reach lots of people from all over the world, with this questionnaire. I would be very grateful if you wouldn't mind answering it and sending it to me at the address below :-) If you also have friends who might be kind enough to take part in the small survey, feel free to point them in this direction!

Pilot Questionnaire

Please copy this page and paste it into an email. Type your answers underneath the question. Email completed questionnaires to pootlejam@hotmail.co.uk Thank you!

The information gathered in this questionnaire will not be shared or sold to any third parties. It will be treated anonymously and will be destroyed once the results are collated.

Which names sound the most 'English' to you? (please rate those which you feel sound 'English' from 1 upwards, with 1 being 'the most English sounding')

Tavistock Cowan Case Portcullis

Martin Faversham Thomas Kent

Shires Canter Nightingale Salisbury

(please feel free to make suggestions of names which sound 'English' to you which do not appear in this list)

2. Do you collect antiquities/interesting things/collectables/memorabilia? If 'Yes' please describe below

3. What, if anything, interests you about other cultures?

4. How do you spend your leisure time?

5. Given limited finances, would you rather:-

a) Save your money b) Have small, regular treats c) Have one large treat occasionally

6. What attractions do you visit in your leisure time?

7. Please name three activities or objects (or combination of) which you consider to be quintessentially British

8. If you are happy to say, which country (or part of the world) do you live in?

Saturday, 5 February 2011

From object to action

So the big net news seems to be that Google are not happy to 'discover' that Microsoft are stealing search results from them. In a nutshell, Google made up some fake (and non-language) searches and made up search results to go with them. Within weeks the same searches and results began appearing on Bing. In my world that's being caught with your paw in the till!! Microsoft are seriously grumpy (at being accused? At being caught?) and refute all suggestions of search result theft. Their argument basically runs, 'No we didn't. And, anyway, you set a bloody trap, you gits!' Click (BBC News) Had an article about it this morning - have a look here for proper reporting!

I have to say that I don't understand why Google feel they need to fight their (considerable) market corner when they have already become a verb from a noun! I always talk of 'Googling' something when I meant 'search for it on a Search Engine'. My Search Engine of choice always has been (and continues to be) Google. They are trusted by the techies (as much as the techies trust anyone online), they have always provided the best results in my experience and they are constantly upgrading their service. Why shop anywhere else?

So, Google, listen up. WE love you! We love you better than sneaky old Yahoo, and way better than incompetent fascistic Microsoft. You are now the noun for 'searching for something on the net' which puts you right up there with Hoover and Xerox! I know there's a concern amongst clever ad types that verbing up can dilute a company's hold on the name (See clever people talking about it here) but I think I have the answer to that problem. If Microsoft try to use your name in their ads as the verb for searching you could always counter with 'You can't microsoft something, but you can always Google it!'

I'll let you have that one for free ;-)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The First Annual Twobel Prize Award

New Years Day afternoon - 2pm GMT - will see the first annual Twobel Prize Awards. All prizes are virtual, but the honour of being nominated is everlasting!

Please make your nomination suggestions via DM to @ThisStarChild (the comment box is broke or something!) and at 2pm on the 1st of January I will Tweet the winners (as judged by a panel of judges comprised of people who bring me chocolate between now and then!)

Nominations so far are:-

Twobel Prize for Medicine
@Fozziedog for defying all medical and vetinary knowledge by being a dog and holding down reasonably logical conversations through the medium of a keyboard.
@SongofTheOss nominated by @the_apostate for defying medical knowledge by existing! Naughty!!
.And the winner is........... @FozzieDog!!!

Twobel Prize for The Arts
@StephenFry for his constant distraction, amusement and loveiness in the typewritten virtual art form
#poetsday nominated by @Fizfull for being a clever micropoetry tweeting on Fridays courtesy of @JaneDeBond.
@LindseyTheFirst for being a genuine real person despite her marketable (and many) talents!
@TheDarkGlove nominated by @SongoftheOss for his spectacular muiscal talent!
And the winner is..... @theDarkGlove!!!

Twobel for Physics
@Fizfull and @Suujmac for their continuing work in the investigation of alcoholic liquid volumes.
@the_apostate nominated by @SongoftheOss for his time saving attitude to work. Bad Oss!
And the winners are.......... @Fizfull and Suujmac!!!

Twobel Prize for Chemistry
@Smoodle for having the perfect chemistry and people skills to enable general joy spreading and random happiness creation
@sarahbellafina for beingn able to change the chemistry of any group she joins, for the better.
And the joint winners are ..... @Smoodle and @Sarahbellafina!!! (too damn hard to choose between 'em!)

Twobel Peace Prize
@the_apostate for his manful efforts in not stalking down @SongOfTheOss and killing him in his sleep
@ThisStarChild nominated by @SongoftheOss for skillfully manipulating and charming many characters in order to prevent them from misbehaving to the point of injury!
And the winner is............ @the_apostate!!!

Twobel Prize for Cocktails
@JaneDeBond is our winner!! For keeping TwitQuizzers in one place with various virtual alcoholic offerings

Twobel Prize for Economic Sciences
@SongOfTheOss is the winner!! For being a gift giving machine both in the virtual (Mafia) world and keeping @ThisStarChild spoiled rotten all year

Twobel Prize in TwitQuizzing
@KatyFBrand’s Roar Intelligence for making every quiz and supporting everything we played
@suziperry’s WhoopAss for winning everything they touched
@RufusHound’s Puma for attacking every quiz with killer instinct
@ThisStarChild nominated by @Fizfull - "without her brilliant quizzes every week we would be nothing" which isn't true but is very kind (and I may have it on my headstone ;-) )
@RufusHound nominated by Team Puma for his continued support and interest in their TwitQuiz attempts and for talking like a real person!
And the winner is...... @RufusHound for being a real live person despite being famous and stuff!

The Twobel Prize for Twobelness
Twitter for bringing all the lunatics together in one place enabling creativity, gossiping and many things beginning with ‘tw’.
@paul_steele for #SingUp - bringing together and orchestrating people all over the world who, between them, creating fun and music to share!
And the winner is........... @paul-steele!! For using Twitter to make fun and friendships!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Dolphin Holocaust

I have just watched The Cove. It's a documentary about a fishing town in Japan, Taiji, and the 23,000 dolphins - old, young, male, female - that they trap and slaughter every year.

Let me give you a small taste of the event 'Once trapped inside the cove, the fishermen kill the dolphins, slashing their throats with knives or stabbing them with spears. The water turns red with their blood, and the air fills with their screams'

Anyone involved with the genocide will deny it happens; it is cruel; or that it is grounded in old fashioned greed. Let me refute those denials with a few facts:

* A dolphin trapped and sold to a 'Dolphin Show' type amusement park by the Taiji fishermen will fetch up to 150,000 US Dollars;
* The dolphins are herded behind the nets by boats which create noise by immersing metal pipes in the water and banging them with hammers, causing maximum stress and confusion for the dolphins;
* A few dolphins are picked at random and injured, as they are herded, so that the family group will not leave the area. Dolphins stay with the family and friends they love;
* The dolphins which are not chosen and sold, after trapping, are herded into a cove which cannot be seen by the public and slaughtered with knives and spears. They are hacked to death. They die slowly;
*The water exiting the cove literally runs red with the blood of the murdered dolphins;
*Mother dolphins are separated from their babies. It's a toss up which will watch the other be hacked to death first.

Angry yet? Want more facts? Have a look at the Save Japan Dolphins site here.

Watch the following clip from the documentary The Cove. It starts twice. Stay with it - but don't watch it alone. There are no special effects. It's filmed as it happened. It's going to tear you to pieces.

Ready to do something about this yet? No? Have a look at more pictures of the slaughter and information from the organisation Sea Shepherd here.

So, tell me, what will you do to stop members of our own species attacking and murdering members of another intelligent species? Sign the petition to Dr Gerald Dick, Executive Director of The World ssociation of Zoos and Aquairiums at Care2. Sign the petition to President Obama, Vice President Biden and Ichiro Fujisaki (The Japanese Ambasador to the US) here. Add a Stop Taiji Dolphin Murder twibbon to your Facebook or Twitter profiles by going here. Join the organisations whose web pages you have just visited. DM me in Twitter and ask for my email address. Help me set up a group of people who will be a part of stopping this. Send the link to this post to as many people as you can - post it on your Facebook page; Tweet it once a day in Twitter; text it to your entire address book.

Don't just be shocked and revolted. Don't just skip a meal because this has upset you. Please. Get angry and start saving lives!