Saturday, 5 February 2011

From object to action

So the big net news seems to be that Google are not happy to 'discover' that Microsoft are stealing search results from them. In a nutshell, Google made up some fake (and non-language) searches and made up search results to go with them. Within weeks the same searches and results began appearing on Bing. In my world that's being caught with your paw in the till!! Microsoft are seriously grumpy (at being accused? At being caught?) and refute all suggestions of search result theft. Their argument basically runs, 'No we didn't. And, anyway, you set a bloody trap, you gits!' Click (BBC News) Had an article about it this morning - have a look here for proper reporting!

I have to say that I don't understand why Google feel they need to fight their (considerable) market corner when they have already become a verb from a noun! I always talk of 'Googling' something when I meant 'search for it on a Search Engine'. My Search Engine of choice always has been (and continues to be) Google. They are trusted by the techies (as much as the techies trust anyone online), they have always provided the best results in my experience and they are constantly upgrading their service. Why shop anywhere else?

So, Google, listen up. WE love you! We love you better than sneaky old Yahoo, and way better than incompetent fascistic Microsoft. You are now the noun for 'searching for something on the net' which puts you right up there with Hoover and Xerox! I know there's a concern amongst clever ad types that verbing up can dilute a company's hold on the name (See clever people talking about it here) but I think I have the answer to that problem. If Microsoft try to use your name in their ads as the verb for searching you could always counter with 'You can't microsoft something, but you can always Google it!'

I'll let you have that one for free ;-)

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