Thursday, 12 November 2009

Doing Some Good.

OK - here's the thing.

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month and several women advertised that fact, pimped the charity and raised awareness by exposing their underwear every Wednesday on Twitter (as you do).

A discussion arose from the bra-exposure which went something like this - "We could do more you know!" "You know, I think you're right! There are so many talented and amazing people on Twitter! We could really do something amazing" - and, as discussions like this one do, it gained a life and momentum of its own and this month we are hoping to shoot the Breast Cancer Awareness Calendars (one with female models, one with male) with photographers, web hosts, printers, business people and non-professional models who have all volunteered to be a part of raising money for something which will save lives.

People have talked to the charity and underwear companies and things are beginning to come together. People have offered to expose themselves to the netherwears. People have offered their time and abilities. People are doing the talking to and making happen in the background. For free.

I don't care whose money we're talking in - that's bloody amazing!

Now. Now I need your help. There's this cynicism which rears its head when you speak to people who do not know you and from whom you want something free. Doesn't matter what cause you are talking about, they are nagged by the belief that you might be taking them for a ride. Which is understandable. Only - when you're not and you really need their help - well, let's just say it isn't helpful!

So - this is what I'm asking you for, my Lovelies! Does anyone know of a photographic studio which might give us free studio time? We're looking for a day (probably a long day), in Birmingham, Bristol or London. It's just - with a personal introduction, they may feel less worried that we're going to shoot a porn film in their name or run away with the lino (or whatever you find in studios! I have no idea!)

And when we have found the studio which will help us make this calendar, we need volunteers to help with transport for those models and other volunteers who need to be in the studio and may not be able to get there easily. And we need you talk about it. Talk to everyone on your list. Talk to everyone you know. Ask them if they are involved (you'll be stunned how many Twitter people are involved!). If they aren't part of the creation, ask them if they'd like to be. Suggest they'd like to watch what's going on (here or on Twitter by following #BCAwareness hashtag) so they can buy a calendar (or one of each gender) when they hit the shelves. Just get it out there.

And, Lovelies? If you are one of the celeb Twitterers I've harassed to come to this post? Get talking about it to people who can have it heard on a huge scale, please? Do something wonderful because you are lucky enough to be in a position to do so!

We have started this project because it matters to us and because we felt cheeky enough to have a go at something worthwhile. And now we need everybody's help. Please.

If you think there's anything you might be able to do? If you don't know what you can do but would like to do something? Let me know. I promise we'll find you a part in this project and a way to be part of something which will raise cash to save lives. Either leave a comment here with a contact address or tweet me on Twitter (@ThisStarChild) or talk to our central guy and photographer on Twitter (@technex)

Please. We really need your help. And if you need any other reason to step up and help us make it happen? Look here

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