Thursday, 15 October 2009

Calling All Show Off's, Skillsters and the Connected!

It's all very exciting!

As often happens on Twitter, a silly game has become a really good idea!! We're just at the thinking about it stage right now but I thought I'd tell you and then I can direct you to the blog which is being written for it, when it is posted!

You see, it's like this..... We were playing Air Bands on Twitter a few evenings ago. As you do. Somehow that mutated into a discussion about having a Revue as a fundraising exercise for charity. Which makes perfect sense, in my head!

There is now a flurry of idea bashing and skill seeking going on. So - here's the thing - next week the blog should be operational (Real Life willing) and I will point you at it. Please follow it and check in regularly. You just might be the person we need to overcome a hurdle, or you might know the perfect person to join in and make a difference!

There's a bit of discussion about the charity at the moment, but I'm hoping we can go with our original idea. It's a great charity which makes people safe and gives them an opportunity to take control of their lives again.

If you wanna come on a Magical Beautiful Giving Mystery Tour with us, drop me a line or drop a line in the blog when it appears (I promise to make a fuss about it ;-) )

All the help we can get to give all we can gather and hand over. It's wonderful - from crazy mayhem to making things better.

My kinda game!!

And here it is - Twitfest!!

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