Tuesday, 28 April 2009

In The Beginning Was The Word............

.. and the word was lost in the racket of the Big Bang. Like everything, it's down to timing!

Don't you think that starting off is hard to do? Much harder than breaking up - which I am seriously profficient at now (lose interest/patience/sanity; gather all belongings which can be carried; walk in another direction. Easy!). Harder than algebra (use a different system of symbols to represent the symbols commonly used for counting. Guess what the formula is). Harder, even, than baking a damn good roast and getting everything perfect at the same time and before everyone gets fed up and goes elsewhere to be fed. Starting off. It's hard. Where, exactly, should you start? Convention would have you 'Once Upon A Time'ing or 'In The Beginning'ing. Art likes a windy twisty road, scattered with thought provoking objects and coloured in on acid. The new literary thing seems to be to begin with the end and then leap back somewhere nearer the beginning where patterns and relationships are explained. Let's dump chronology. It's giving me a headache!

Perhaps we'll start with the why and move on to the what as it becomes necessary. I am a Modern Girl, after all!! I am prepared to risk my spine and stance with the heels and handbags current fashion requires. Dammit! I insist on risking my skeletal structure, and joints therein contained, in the name of gorgeousness!! Anyway - why I am writing a blog is quite simple, really. I think I have done a lot of interesting things; met several less (more?) than conventional people; approached the whole being alive thing from a slightly different angle, maybe, to most. A bag of contradictions (I may have mentioned - it will become obvious), I could attach any of many labels to explain who or what I am.

Domme (no leather); Witch (no Coven); Shop Girl (no shit!). I have been a Dental Nurse; an RE teacher; and a Health and Beauty products saleswoman (amongst many other things). I am a mother (mostly single - don't even start me - my child is a wonderful, stable, clever, beautiful being); a daughter (my mother and her husband have just come back from living in France, my father and his wife are touring the UK in their caravan after wintering in Oxford); a sister (my brother has a wonderfully conventional family - in comparison!); and a lover (and you might be surprised with my views on how that works - we'll get to it. Expect me to cover all my relationships in some kind of detail, as relevant - straight, lesbian and transgendered). I have lived in Hong Kong; Cyprus; Germany; New York state; and most of the South West of England. I can parallel park; make up crochet patterns; cook; iron; climb trees in high heels (I think I can still do that anyway!); and talk my way out of pretty much anything.

You know that's not the end of it. Right? We can cover the details and the glossed over facts as we go along. I hope you shall come along for the ride. Otherwise I shall be talking to myself. And they lock you up for that round here!!!

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  1. Wonderfully written..don't agrue you can't talk your way out of this, so don't try. I dcan parralel park to but ussually the cars in front and behind me are either scratched or dented. I really enjoyed your post..sorry for the smart-ass remarks..I can't help myself. Keep up the posting!